The online training in Flexible CBT is the best practices of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Pragmatic and Effective

The online Flexible CBT training program is complete with interactive multimedia and sophisticated learning games to improve your competency and mastery of CBT. Watch the video to learn more about the course. You can sign up for the training course and number of credit hours that meets your needs below.

20 CE Credit Subscription $499

Includes 6 month subscription for *online Flexible CBT: Modules 1, 2, & 3 and 20 CE Credits

CIGNA Providers (This applies to Aetna Providers as well)

Special Offer: Exclusive Member Discount for 6 month subscription for online Flexible CBT: Modules 1, 2, & 3 and 20 CE Credits

UK Providers

Special Offer for a discount for *online CBT: Modules 1, 2, & 3 & open-ended questions and 30 CPD Credits

Benefits and Features of Online CBT Training Program:

  • 17 Online Learning Games to increase your mastery and knowledge of CBT
  • 8 Built-in videos of Dr. Neuhaus throughout the training to describe and demonstrate CBT principles and practices
  • Instructional Videos, Blog Posts, and Tips to support you to complete the online training
  • Access to additional handouts to use with clients
  • Free Access to webinars conducted by Dr. Neuhaus on specific topics, including anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and behavioral activation

The Flexible CBT Online Training Programme will teach you how to:

  • Use CBT skills training and psychoeducation to help patients improve their functioning, interpersonal connections, and quality of life
  • Flexible CBT is a system developed to treat patients displaying a wide range of symptoms: integrating individual core elements of traditional CBT skills training and psychoeducation
  • Increase treatment effectiveness by adapting the most current evidence-based knowledge of CBT to your clinical practice—for a wider range of complex patients suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, and borderline personality disorder and combinations thereof
  • Actively engage your patients to promote collaboration and get treatment started in the first session
  • Become adept at flexible, patient-driven treatment, rather than rigidly adhering to protocols that can be a mismatch for them
  • Teach your patients a core set of evidence-based, cognitive and behavioral skills CBT skills, including: identifying problems with CBT triangle of thoughts, feelings, behaviors; thought records/ cognitive restructuring; behavioral activation; chain analysis/ behavioral analysis; distress tolerance
  • Work with treatment resistant patients who have difficulty adhering to the treatment
  • This pragmatic and effective approach was developed over two decades by Edmund Neuhaus, PhD, ABPP, while he served as Clinical Director of the Behavioral Health Partial Hospital Program and Co-Director of Psychology Training at McLean Hospital, the signature psychiatric teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School
  • Dr. Neuhaus saw the need to develop a program to train clinicians in adapting the elements of standard CBT protocols to meet the needs of a wide range of patients that clinicians see in their practices, including those with multiple diagnoses, Axis II, and resistance to treatment

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